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  • Training With a Self-Defense Mindset

    One of the main elements of a complete Jiu-jitsu system is the stand-up self-defense curriculum. This is an element that is often overlooked, or ignored in many academies, but ironically, is the reason that most average people start training Jiu-jitsu in the first place. Many people start their Jiu-jitsu journey because, in addition to its many other benefits, they want to learn how to protect themselves. Rarely do they start training because they want to learn how to score an advantage point in a competition with the latest inverted worm-guard variation. Don't get me wrong....Jiu-jitsu is infinite, and I believe that you should try to learn as much about all of it as you can. But, you ....

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  • What Does it Take to Succeed in Jiu-jitsu?

    Everyone who signs up at a Jiu-jitsu academy has their own reasons for starting down the path. Many want to learn how to defend themselves, some are looking for improved health & fitness, some may be interested in competition, some may just be looking for a new hobby. No matter their reason for starting, I'm guessing that everyone who steps on the mat for the first time does so with the idea of being successful in their new venture. Now, what defines "success" may vary from person to person, as each student has their own individual short term and long term goals. But anyone who has spent any amount of time on the mat can tell you that you getting good at Jiu-jitsu is something that ....

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  • Verbal Jiu-jitsu: The Art of Yielding

    There are many lessons that we can take from the mat and apply directly to our daily lives. One of the most important of these is the art of yielding. This applies not only in a self-defense scenario, but also in our daily interactions with friends, family members, and business associates. I refer to this as "verbal Jiu-jitsu". The term "Jiu-Jitsu, is comprised of two Japanese characters. The first of these "Jiu" or more correctly spelled, "Ju", is generally translated as gentle. But to anyone who's been on the receiving end of a good throw, armlock, or choke can tell you, it seems anything but gentle! The term is more accurately translated as flexible, pliable, or yielding. This is ....

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  • "But Dad, I Don't Want to go to Jiu-jitsu"!

    It happened again just the other day....I ran into a parent of one of my former Jiu-jitsu students and they said the same thing that I always hear...."Man, I really wish I had never let my kid quit Jiu-jitsu". Any Jiu-jitsu instructor can tell you, there are so many people that come and go through the doors of the academy over the years, and almost without exception, those people who quit training ultimately come to regret their decision. If you're a parent with a child that trains Jiu-jitsu, congratulations! You have already made an excellent decision to enroll your child in something that can have such a positive effect on so many aspects of their lives, and given them something that ....

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  • Thou Shalt Not Pass-Open Guard Concepts

    Often, this blog discusses more philosophical topics. This months blog is going to be a little more technical in nature, and cover arguably one of the most important positions in Jiu-jitsu.
    In my opinion, the guard is the position which really distinguishes Jiu-jitsu from all other martial arts, even including other grappling based arts. The guard brilliantly gives the person on the bottom of the fight the opportunity to not only survive and defend from a seemingly inferior position, but also provides a platform for a plethora of sweeps and submission attacks. This is one of the primary reasons that a smaller person, skilled in the art of Jiu-jitsu, can effectively control a larger, ....

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  • Embracing Discomfort

    If you've spent any significant amount of time on the mat, you've probably heard the mantra "learn to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations". While this statement is definitely very true, it is often much easier said than practiced. The reality is, we spend most of our time on the mat, as well as in life, trying to avoid situations that cause us pain and discomfort. Now, you shouldn't be regularly experiencing "pain" in Jiu-jitsu training. Obviously, make sure that you protect yourself and tap in plenty of time to avoid injury. However, if you've spent any time at all sparring in Jiu-jitsu class, you have certainly experienced discomfort. It goes with the territory. We've all had that ....

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  • Women's Self Defense Seminar

    Don't be a victim! Learn basic techniques to effectively defend yourself against a sudden, violent assault. This class, based upon the principles of Gracie Jiu-jitsu ,is designed to give course participants instruction in simple, leverage based techniques that will give you the best opportunity to survive an attack against a larger, stronger assailant. The course will cover a variety of the most common types of situations that you may encounter during an attack, including standing & ground techniques. Class is open to any women ages 16 & up. No prior training or experience is necessary. Class space is limited, so pre-register to reserve your spot! Cost $40 (At the ....

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  • Fighters vs. Martial Artists

    Wednesday, March 14, 2018

    Fighters vs. Martial Artists
    There are plenty of tough guys out there...and a lot of them are very skilled fighters. However, that doesn't make them "martial artists". There is a difference. It is ultimately up to you which category you fall into. Clearly, in a martial arts class, you will learn how to fight. In fact, Jiu-jitsu is considered to be one of the most effective fighting arts on the planet! And through learning to fight, you may, and likely will, develop a level of "toughness". Constantly dealing with being put under pressure, being put in compromising positions, and learning to still survive and keep going can develop a lot of grit. But ....

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  • The Fighting Strategy of Jiu-jitsu

    Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    The Fighting Strategy of Jiu-jitsu
    Jiu-jitsu, as it was originally conceived, is a fighting art. It was designed for combat, and as it evolved through years of trial and error in real fights, developed into one of the most sophisticated and effective forms of fighting the world has ever seen! Most Jiu-jitsu practitioners from my generation got into the art because we witnessed what Royce Gracie did in the early days of the UFC, taking on bigger, stronger, very skilled opponents, and vanquishing them with techniques of the "gentle art" that his family was so paramount in developing. Some of the things that continues to make Jiu-jitsu such a ....

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  • Resolve to Make Your Jiu-jitsu Better!

    Friday, January 12, 2018

    Resolve to Make Your Jiu-jitsu Better!
    Well, here we's a new year! This is the time that we traditionally look back on the past year and resolve to be better. The stereotypical New Years Resolutions, most of which typically don't last more than a couple of weeks. This is a great time to rededicate yourself and really make a commitment to training again! That's a great start, but what can you do to make sure that you actually follow through? Unfortunately, in Jiu-jitsu, the statistics are not in your favor. Those who have spent any significant amount of time on the mat can attest to the many, many people that they have seen come and go over ....

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